Dr Pr. D’Agostino, MD, PhD

Hand Clinic Brussels - Lasne

LOUISE +32 2 534 29 99 LASNE +32 2 653 11 11

Post-Operative Follow-Up

At home, for 24 hours after the procedure :

  • Rest
  • Ensure you have a telephone to hand
  • Do not consume alcohol or take sedatives
  • Do not drive any type of vehicle
  • Do not handle machinery or dangerous equipment
  • Do not make any decisions or sign any important documents
  • If a problem develops in the hours after you return home, contact your GP or if necessary the hospital's on-call service on  +32 2 614 29 00 (Emergency Ste-Elisabeth) - +32 2 614 20 00 (Accueil Ste-Elisabeth)

The One Day Clinic Secretarial office will telephone the next day to check your condition.

Immediately after your operation, you will have a consultation to check the dressing and clinic.

Dr D'Agostino will arrange with you a schedule of nursing care, rehabilitation and may also arrange for a custom orthosis to be constructed.