Dr Pr. D’Agostino, MD, PhD

Hand Clinic Brussels - Lasne

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Professionnalisme et empathie sont les deux principales qualités de l'extraordinaire Docteur D'Agostino.
Sans aucun jeu de mots, je me suis sentie entre de très bonnes mains.

Bien à vous.

Hélène B-G.

Docteur d'Agostino vous êtes géniale !

Joao H.

Chère Docteur D'Agostino,

Voilà maintenant environ 6 mois que j'ai subi les opérations aux mains. J'ai à ce jour récupéré pratiquement 100% de la mobilité des doigts traités. Il n'est peut-être pas de coutume de remercier son médecin, mais je tenais quand même à vous remercier pour votre écoute, vos conseils et votre compétence lors des 2 interventions.

Bien à vous,

Guy M.

Chère Docteur d’Agostino,

J’étais et je suis également très contente d’avoir fait votre connaissance et je tenais à vous remercier beaucoup d’avoir directement compris mon problème et d’avoir si bien pris soin de moi grâce à votre professionnalisme et savoir-faire.

Pour l’instant je vais très bien mais je vais certainement revenir vers vous en cas de problème ou question parce que vous m’avez toujours donné des très bons conseils aussi par rapport à l’opération des ligaments de ma main qui est très bien passée grâce à vous.

Je vous remercie également pour votre gentillesse et honnêteté.

Sabine H.

Dear Dr. D'Agostino,

On the exact one year anniversary (December 16th) of my "trigger finger" surgery which you performed, I am thrilled to say it is a total success!! For an entire year now, the problem is completely corrected. Not only can I do all the daily tasks that were painful before the surgery, but I have been biking, skiing, and swimming too with my perfect thumb! Pretty good for a 66 year old!!

So it is with pleasure and gratitude that I write this testimonial to you. Actually there are 2 reasons why I am writing this message. One is to thank you for the excellent care you gave to me from start to finish. The second reason is that perhaps my experience and testimonial may help another prospective patient. 

As an American now living part time in Belgium, you are the very first doctor I visited outside of the US. To give some background, approximately 7 months before I met you, my left thumb became stiff, started "clicking" and was painful. At that time I was in NY and saw a very competent medical doctor who is a hand specialist. He diagnosed it as trigger finger, and administered a cortisone injection as a first step. This was effective for about 5 months. However, the condition then worsened. My thumb was swollen, very painful, and I could not bend it even to hold a pen to write. At this time, I was in Belgium. After researching online, I saw your website and read everything including your excellent credentials, the helpful information about trigger fingers, and the testimonials. 

Scheduling and having an appointment with you was very easy, as you and all the staff are fluent in English. At our initial appointment I was extremely impressed by the time you spent with me, your caring, your expertise and professionalism, and your explanation of everything. I probably could have waited just a few more weeks to see the doctor in New York, but I felt so confident electing you to perform the surgery. This feeling proved to be a great choice! The one day "in and out" at St. Elizabeth's in Brussels, was "state of the art" as well. The staff was attentive and competent. Again, being an English speaker was not a problem, as everyone communicated with me in English. 

The post surgery care you gave to me was stellar as well. It was all around Christmas time, and yet you were in the office for our several appointments to take out the stitches, change the dressings, demonstrate the exercises to do and test the progress. 

Dr. D'Agostino, un grand, grand merci for being such a wonderful doctor!! 

Best Regards and Happy Holidays!



Marcia F.